Local Notices to Mariners

Local Notices to Mariners (LNtM) are issued by the Port of Mostyn and the Dee Conservancy to provide important information on navigational directions and/or restrictions.

The notices issued by the Port are numbered consecutively with the year it was issued and two digits each for the number of the notice, for example Notice No 2008-01 means Notice No.1 of the year 2008. Notices issued by the Dee Conservancy which are relevant for vessels using the Port are included in the Port’s information. Notices issued by the Dee Conservancy for the remainder of their jurisdiction can be found at website Natural Resources Wales – Dee Conservancy. Please take the time to study these pages as they are in force for the safety of all navigational channel and Port users. A detailed description, date of issue and the status of each notice can be found in the Summary of Notices to Mariners.


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